Wednesday, October 13, 2010

252: The Inspiration Machine

Because Teamwork, Motivation, Achievement... Syngergy.

Ok, just go here:
I knew all of this crap existed, but I didn't realize it was all made by the same company until yesterday when I intercepted a catalog going to someone else in the office. All of those dumb "motivational" posters (which also come in mug, mousepad, keychain and notebook variety). All of those acrylic "awards", and bullshit "focal points" you see on executive's desks. This thing, you bop the button, and it gives you an inspirational quote every morning. If one of my coworkers had this (within earshot of me... I don't want to jinx myself, I'm sure someone in my office probably has one of these on backorder) I would lose my goddamn mind.


  1. nice! there some awesome stuff on that site

  2. And I'm sure this object totally isn't a waste of Earth's finite resources at ALL.